Build The Best AMD Gaming PC Under $700 2017

The Best AMD Gaming PC Build Under $700 2017
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Are you want to Build The Best AMD Gaming PC Under $700? Although Intel's "Kabylake" processors are more likely to be featured in current gaming, AMD's "Ryzen" processors remain a consideration when "gaming" is not the sole purpose of building computers. In other tasks outside of gaming, "Ryzen" appears as a better solution to balance in handling demanding computing tasks such as rendering or other tasks.
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Even so, Build AMD Gaming PC Under $700 in 2017 still allows you to play most AAA games in the highest setting on a Full HD monitor, at least this hit 60fps. What FPS do you need? While most gamers consider the value to be adequate. Of course this is not binding when the obsession of each gamer is very unique.

When you come with a really limited budget of 700 dollars, this is enough to build a good gaming system, which combines the performance of AMD Ryzen 5 1400 and GeForce GTX 1060, configured with 8GB DDR 4 memory and has 1TB of storage. Before we explain in more detail, here are the components for Build The Best AMD Gaming PC Under $700 2017.
Motherboard for Under 700 AMD Gaming PC Build 2017 MSI B350M MORTAR DDR4 VR Ready HDMI USB 3 micro-ATX Motherboard

Current Price : $94.99Check Latest Price
Processor for Best 700 Dollars AMD PC Build 2017 AMD Ryzen 5 1400 3.2GHz Quad-Core Processor with Wraith Stealth Cooler

Current Price : $169.00Check Latest Price
Graphics Card for Best AMD Gaming PC Build Under 700 2017 ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1060 AMP Edition 6GB GDDR5 VR Ready Gaming Graphics Card

Current Price : $229.99Check Latest Price
DDR4 Memory for AMD Gaming PC Build Under 700 2017 Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB (2x4GB) DDR4 3000MHz (PC4-24000) C15 Memory Kit

Current Price : $73.99Check Latest Price
Storage for AMD Gaming PC Build 2017 Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB SATA 6 Gb/s 7200 RPM 64MB Cache 3.5 Inch Desktop Hard Drive

Current Price : $49.99Check Latest Price
Power Supply for $700 AMD Gaming PC Build 2017 EVGA 500 W1 80+ WHITE 3 Year Warranty Power Supply (100-W1-0500-KR)

Current Price : $31.57Check Latest Price
Gaming Case for $700 AMD Gaming PC Build 2017 Thermaltake VERSA H15 Micro ATX Mini Tower Gaming Case

Current Price : $38.91Check Latest Price

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PC Build Details

For this AMD Gaming PC Build, we use MSI B350M MORTAR motherboard. This is an excellent board under $100, allowing all current and future gaming needs to be completely accommodated. If you are an overclocking enthusiast, it does not matter. Moreover, it is also VR-Ready and supports Multi-GPU. Most of the features dedicated to gaming include Turbo M.2, Gaming LAN, DDR4 Boost, Mystic Light Sync, In-Game Weapons and many more.

At least on this budget, AMD Ryzen 5 1400 is a reliable brain. This is a quad-core budget of the latest AMD Ryzen 5 processor series, 8 threaded CPUs with base clocks 3.2 and boost up to 3.4 GHz. This processor works very well in multi-core processing, although for single core tasks it is still led by "Kabylake" processors like i3-7350K.

Essentially, for you AMD enthusiast, Ryzen 5 1400 is the balance of budget and performance. Although it only runs in 3.2GHz base clock, performance is roughly the same as Ryzen 5 1500X when overclocking. Whereas if you are not interested in overclocking, maybe consider switching to 1500X is a perfect idea by adding about $ 20, for a more effective 25% speed. Click here

One of the interesting things, Ryzen 5 1400 comes with Wraith Stealth Cooler which adequate for this, so you do not need an aftermarket cooler. Of course opinion is very varied, if you are interested in overclocking, we recommend to buy third-party cooler to get a better cooling system, liquid cooler is highly recommended. Add a bit to buy Corsair H60 or go further With Corsair Hydro Series H110i.

Furthermore, gaming performance will be supported by GeForce GTX 1060 6GB GDDR5 graphics card. An excellent combination that allows a smooth gaming experience for most 1080p games at @ 60fps +. If you like to play titles like Sniper Elite 4, Mass Effect: Andromeda, GTA 5, Call of Duty: Infinity Warface, Battlefield 1 or other AAA games, this system is really worthy to smooth play.

This AMD PC Build is also configured with 8GB 2x4GB 3000MHz DDR4 Memory. It's perfectly adequate to handle most of today's demanding games. As preparation for possible upgrades of RAM in the future or increased multitasking needs, there are still 2 memory slots on the motherboard. This is a future-designed gaming machine that is always ready for a variety of possibilities.

To stay on budget, here we have included 1TB 7200RPM HDD. Ideal capacity for most people, but of course you may need to increase capacity in the future, even when you have other budgets, we also recommend using SATA / NVMe SSD for the fastest system.

All components for this AMD Gaming PC Build 2017 will consume about 272 Watt. Simply power-saving and we have included 500W PSU making it ideal for current and future power requirements. In the meantime, we have also selected one good and affordable case for you, Thermaltake VERSA H15 Micro ATX Mini Tower Gaming Case. This is really the case that is suitable for price and usability, capable of building up a high end solution with 240mm radiator liquid cooling system with long graphic card, and 3 years warranty.

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Thus, the information for Build The Best AMD Gaming PC Under $700 2017. We guarantee this build is compatible and always ready to be used to handle most demanding modern games or other computing tasks. Of course this is also the future of PC Gaming that provides enough space for upgrades including expansion, memory etc. We also recommend the addition of NVMe SSD for fastest performance because the motherboard in the list also supports Turbo M.2. Thanks, please give an opinion in the comments field.