Build The Best $500 Home Office PC 2017

Build The Best $500 Home Office PC 2017

The Best Home Office PC Build Under $500 2017
Complete setup for reliable daily computing performance --

You want Complete Home Office PC build Under $500 in 2017? This year is a good time to build your own computer. With a limited budget of 500 dollars, you can buy all the components to build a reliable system for handle any office tasks or regular computing such as web browsing, word, email or others, even this can also be possible to play casual games. It also includes Windows 10 64-bit, Wireless Keyboard and Mouse.

Although Home Office PC can be categorized as mainstream or entry-level computer, of course you want your PC Build also can accommodate all possibilities in the future. This build, besides being ideal for office tasks and daily computing tasks, it is also possible to handle a variety of demanding applications and even become a powerful gaming machine by adding dedicated graphics cards in the future.

Build $500 Home Office PC is an option, although actually with this budget you can also get a Pre-built PC that qualified, Click here to see. Meanwhile, if you choose to assemble your own computer, you are more free to choose the components and peripherals according to your needs.

This article will help you in determining the components so that you get a balanced specification for your current needs with many upgrades possible later on. Before we explain further, let's look at the list of components and peripherals for Build The Best $500 Home Office PC 2017.
Motherboard for Under 500 PC Build 2017 GIGABYTE GA-B250M-DS3H LGA1151 Intel Micro ATX DDR4 Motherboard

Current Price : $69.99Check Latest Price
Processor for Best Home Office PC Build 2017 Intel G4600 3.6GHz 7th Gen Pentium Desktop Processors

Current Price : $86.00Check Latest Price
DDR4 Memory for Budget PC Build Under 500 2017 Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB (1 x 8GB) DDR4 DRAM 2400MHz (PC4-19200) C16 Memory Kit

Current Price : $59.99Check Latest Price
SSD for Best Home Office PC Build Under 500 2017 Kingston Digital SA400S37 120GB A400 SATA 3 2.5 Solid State Drive

Current Price : $45.99Check Latest Price
Storage for Home Office PC Build 2017 Western Digital Blue 1TB SATA 6 Gb/s 7200 RPM 64MB Cache 3.5 Inch Desktop Hard Drive

Current Price : $49.99Check Latest Price
Power Supply for Cheap $500 PC Build 2017 EVGA 500 W1 80+ WHITE 3 Year Warranty Power Supply (100-W1-0500-KR)

Current Price : $31.57Check Latest Price
Computer Case for $500 PC Build 2017 Lite-On Super AllWrite 24X SATA DVD+/-RW Dual Layer Drive

Current Price : $17.79Check Latest Price
Windows 10 for $500 Home Office PC Build 2017 Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64 Bit System Builder OEM

Current Price : $92.99Check Latest Price
Keyboard Mouse for $500 PC Build 2017 Logitech MK360 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo, 3-Year Battery Life

Current Price : $19.99Check Latest Price
Computer Case for $500 PC Build 2017 Rosewill FBM-01 Dual Fans MicroATX Mini Tower Computer Case

Current Price : $20.99Check Latest Price

Estimated : $496 Click to Build Now
*Component prices fluctuate daily, click the button above to see the latest prices

PC Build Details

In this budget, we try to ensure the PC build can accommodate all the latest generation components while keeping in mind the balance of specifications. We chose a motherboard with intel B250 chipset and we found one of the best and affordable, GigaByte GA-B250M-DS3H. Cheap yet feature-rich and ready to accommodate most of today's and future computing needs.

In terms of performance, this Home Office PC will rely on the best 7th Gen Intel processors under $100, Intel G4600. This is one of the "pentium" that supports hyperthreading technology. So even if it has only two physical cores which run at 3.60 GHz, hyperthreading gives two additional virtual cores so it is very reliable to handle multitasking demands without constraints.

While some people may be more recommending i3-7100 by adding about $25, rest assured that the only significant difference is in base frequency, G4600 run at 3.6GHz and i3-7100 run at 3.9GHz. So at least on this budget, we recommend budgeting on more important components. Meanwhile, if you later have another budget, you can upgrade to a higher processor, i5-7500 or even i7-7700.

Furthermore, it is also configured with 8GB DDR4 2400 MHz. With a significant increase in speed over DDR3, DDR4 memory is the best solution for multitasking and 8GB of capacity is sufficient for the next few years. Of course you can plan to add RAM because 3 slots are still available on the motherboard and support up to 64GB.

One of the differentiator Pre-built PC with Build PC is the use of SSD. Especially on this budget, if you buy Prebuilt PC, you only get SATA HDD. While here you get both. 120GB SATA SSD for operating system installation so you get better performance, while 1TB 7200RPM SATA HDD to store all your files. Capacity is enough for some people, if the capacity is less, you can add storage in the next day.
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Besides optimizing hardware, this budget also includes Windows 10 Home 64-bit to ensure the best computing performance. Meanwhile, it also includes Logitech Wireless Keyboard and Mouse, as well as DVD + / RW Dual Layer Drive. So, this build is really ready to use. We hope you already have a monitor, or you can consider the recommendations of Full-HD monitors at the bottom of this article

Power consumption of all components is very low, around 150 Watt. 500W PSU is a wise consideration for the possibility of additional power consumption if you later want to upgrade performance by adding a graphics card or other components you need. Furthermore, we have also included a good and cheap case, Rosewill FBM-01 MicroATX Mini Tower Case.

What now? Sure with this Complete setup for Build The Best $500 Home Office PC 2017? Click the button below to build now or Return to the Component List to consider one by one.

Estimated : $496 Buy this Build
*Component prices fluctuate daily, click the button above to see the latest prices

Thus the information about The Best Home Office PC Build Under $500 2017. We ensure all components are compatible and ready to handle office tasks as well as regular computing tasks. For better performance like gaming or other demanding applications, we highly recommend the addition of dedicated graphics cards. Moreover, this build is designed to always provide plenty of room for upgrades, including memory, storage, even the motherboard also has M.2 Connector to add NVMe SSD so you get the fastest storage performance.