Best Complete Home Office PC Build for $600 2017

Best Complete Home Office PC Build for $600 2017

The Best Home Office PC Complete Setup Under $600
Balance of Performance and Completeness on a Budget --

600 Dollars for complete setup of Home Office PC? No problem and you will really get everything you need including Full HD monitor, Windows 10 64-bit, no exception Wireless Keyboard and Mouse. What about the performance of this build? It will be a powerful computer to handle a variety of office tasks or everyday computing tasks and not only that, it can even be a good gaming machine if you later add a graphics card, such as the GTX 1050 Ti.
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Building a complete Home Office PC for $600 means you are really managing your budget perfectly to get the balance between performance and peripherals completeness. Of course this is possible, and here you can also enjoy the benefits of the latest components so get better performance, including Intel "Kabylake" processors that support Hyperthreading technology.

So, let's start building and we'll start from core components, combining the performance of 7th Gen Intel G4560 processor, 8GB 2400MHz DDR4, 120GB SSD and 1TB HDD. Before explaining further, let's look at all the components and peripherals for Best Complete Home Office PC Build for $600 2017.
Budget Home Office PC Motherboard MSI Pro Series B250M PRO-VD LGA 1151 DDR4 USB 3.1 micro-ATX Motherboard

Current Price : $65.99Check Latest Price
Processor Home Office PC Build 2017 Intel G4560 3.5 GHz 7th Gen Pentium Desktop Processors

Current Price : $76.00Check Latest Price
Home Office PC DDR4 Memory Ballistix Sport LT 8GB Single DDR4 2400 MT/s (PC4-19200) DIMM 288-Pin

Current Price : $59.99Check Latest Price
Best $600 Home Office PC SSD Kingston Digital SA400S37 120GB A400 SATA 3 2.5 Solid State Drive

Current Price : $47.99Check Latest Price
Storage for Best Complete Home Office PC Build for $600 2017 Seagate 1TB BarraCuda SATA 7200 RPM 6Gb/s 64MB Cache 3.5-Inch Internal Hard Drive

Current Price : $49.89Check Latest Price
Power Supply for Complete $600 Home Office PC Build 2017 Thermaltake SMART 500W ATX 12V V2.3 / EPS 12V 80 PLUS Active PFC Power Supply

Current Price : $34.99Check Latest Price
Computer Case for home office complete setup 2017 Rosewill FBM-01 Dual Fans MicroATX Mini Tower Computer Case

Current Price : $27.99Check Latest Price
home office complete setup 2017 DVD Writer Lite-On Super AllWrite 24X SATA DVD+/-RW Dual Layer Drive

Current Price : $17.79Check Latest Price
Windows home office complete setup 2017 Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64 Bit System Builder OEM PC Disc

Current Price : $92.99Check Latest Price
best home office PC 2017 Keyboard Mouse Logitech MK520 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo Long Battery Life, Secure 2.4GHz Connectivity

Current Price : $34.69Check Latest Price
budget home office PC 2017 monitor Acer G226HQL Full HD 21.5-Inch Screen LED Monitor

Current Price : $89.99Check Latest Price

Estimated Price : $598 Click to Build Now
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PC Build Details

Let's start with the MSI B250M PRO-VD, a micro-ATX board that is affordable but able to accommodate most of the computing needs. This motherboard is built with Military Class 5, Guard-Pro ie latest evolution in high quality components for best protection and efficiency, and Doublo ESD Protection with double layer grounding motherboard mounting holes. Some features include Audio Boost, DDR4 Boost, EZ Debug LED, Turbo M.2 up to 32Gb / s, Intel Optane Memory Ready. Except HDMI, most slots are available

Intel G4560 3.5GHz is the best processor for this build. This is a Pentium processor that first offers hyperthreading technology. So even though it only comes with 2 physical cores, the hyperthreading feature allows the G4560 to get an additional 2 virtual cores so it benefits from 4 threads. In addition to the G4600, this is the best-seller processor that is ideal for Budget PC Build 2017, offering great performance on an affordable budget. But of course there's always the possibility of switching to higher processors, such as the i5-7500 when you have other budgets in the future.

Furthermore, this build offers the benefits of DDR4 memory with higher frequencies, greater bandwidth, and lower power consumption than DDR3 modules. Meanwhile, 8GB 2400Mhz is ideal for ease of demanding multitasking activities. If the future of this computer is oriented to gaming, 8GB is still adequate for most modern games in the next few years, of course for this purpose should be combined with dedicated graphics card, GTX 1050 Ti is our suggestion to stay balanced. Given, the motherboard in this list only has 2 memory slots, we chose a single 8GB RAM so that later you can still add another stick to strengthen the performance.

This Home Office PC Build is designed to provide the best performance, therefore we equip it with 120GB SSD to store operating systems and other applications. In terms of storage is also available 1TB 7200RPM SATA HDD to store your files. We think this is a big capacity for most people, but you can still add capacity anytime.

We have included a 500W power supply for the possibility of excess power consumption in the future, while for now all components only require power around 150 Watt. To stay afloat, we have also selected a good and compact Computer case from Rosewill, affordable but able to accommodate most current and future possibilities

As we said above, this is really complete setup of home office PC. This means including the Windows 10 64-bit operating system, DVD Writer, and Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo. No exception you also get Acer 21.5-inch FHD monitor with a stunning 1920 x 1080 resolution. The super-slim design with an ideal X-shaped booth in various sizes, while the fast 5ms response time makes the image move sharp, it also supports VGA and DVI inputs that offer greater compatibility.

So, steady with The Best Complete Home Office PC Build for $600 2017? Click the button below to build now or Return to the Component List to consider one by one.

Estimated Price : $598 Buy this Build
*Component prices fluctuate daily, click the button above to see the latest prices

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